A6 My Manga and I Hobonichi Techo 2020

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This cover design features artwork from an unreleased work by Taiyo Matsumoto. The main character in the picture is reading manga without a single care about the white bird sitting on his head. Look closely and you’ll see the famous manga title “Black Jack” on the book.

The gorgeous details that have gone into this drawing make for a believable scene, down to the lines of the sweater and the look of leather on the traditional Japanese firm-sided randoseru backpack.

The back outer pocket contains pictures of the five pins from the boy’s hat to keep the lovely artwork present on the cover no matter which side of your closed techo is facing up.

This cover is enough to make anyone happy. We hope the techo becomes as important for you as that manga has for the child.

Words and images from Hobonichi website.

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