exploring wellness & the five senses

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exploring wellness & the five senses

Spring's blooming flowers, early fruits, and sunshine awaken our spirits after the long winter. It's an excellent time to renew and refresh ourselves spiritually, mentally, and physically. In this month's store event, we are going to explore the connection between wellness and the five senses through short talks and activities like journaling and tea tasting.


Every attendee will receive a gratitude journal to continue their practice beyond the event.


Space is limited, so please us the link below to reserve your spot!





Jennifer Rich

Founder & Owner of Oblation Papers & Press

"Spirituality & The Senses: Prayer Spa"


Nancy Schwartzkopf, NP

"Touch & Smell for Physical Health: Ayurvedic Massage & Essential Oils"


Sara Shepherd

Cultivating Gratitude: Journaling & Tea Ceremony

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