The making of Kraft handmade paper

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The making of Kraft handmade paper

Discover our journey of creating Kraft handmade paper where we recycle corrugated cardboard boxes into handmade paper with a rustic appeal.

From challenge to triumph

Turning a challenge into an opportunity is part of our ethos. Recently, when faced with a potential supply issue from our pulp supplier, we resolved our dilemma while also reinforcing our commitment to sustainability. 


The origin of Oblation Kraft handmade paper

We have traditionally used remnants from the garment industry for our source of cotton pulp. A looming shortage of this supply forced us to look inward at the resources we already had available, and we began to repurpose corrugated cardboard from our supply deliveries. Corrugated cardboard is a typical fixture in business operations and was about to become the cornerstone of a new paper. 


Recycling cardboard boxes into Kraft handmade paper


Initial tests were challenging with the cardboard, which was sturdier and more rigid than usual materials, resisting our conventional processing methods. With a tweak in soaking time, we discovered that it processed beautifully, turning into a high-quality pulp. 


Named for its robust and earthy qualities, ‘Kraft’ handmade paper mirrors the classic kraft paper’s rustic appeal but we think it stands out with its backstory. 


Explore our range of Kraft handmade papers, with more products coming soon. 


Wholesalers: view the range available to order on our wholesale order portal and Faire.


Kraft Handmade Paper Letterpress Heart at Oblation Papers Press

Kraft Handmade Paper Letterpress Products at Oblation Papers Press




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