Classic Fabrics: Petite Roses Tote Bag

Article number: Classic Fabrics: Petite Roses Tote Bag
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In a reference room of a fabric manufacturer sleeps a multitude of textiles collected from all around the world. The “Classic Fabrics” series picks out an attractive textile from that collection to bring it back to life as a techo cover. We made a tote bag matching the “Petite Roses” techo cover from this series.

The design from which the “Petite Roses” we chose this time was created was born in France over a hundred years ago. The small roses that are handwritten have a delicate expression, evoking the image of spring by simply looking at it.

The tote bag is reversible, with the front blooming with roses and the back with a calming pink. The pink side includes a large pocket to sort your bag inside.

The bag is made 100% from cotton, and its gusset-less shape creates a smart look.

Use this bag to keep your wallet, smartphone, and techo to head out lightly, or to keep inside your main bag to pull out when needed. It will come in handy in a variety of scenes.

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