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"Trivial scenes found in everyday life, small ideas and inspirations, emotionally moved landscapes and words, love letter practice, sometimes worries and tears ... This note is part of your thoughts, your body It is on the extension of.
Anytime, anywhere. Surrounded by nature on your desk, on the train, or on the road. I want you to write as much as you want without hesitation, so I made a bookbinding that opens the page well. The notebook paper is original paper that does not easily bleed even with a fountain pen. Since it is plain (no ruled line), you can write it vertically, in large letters, or in an illustration. B6 size, 160 pages that is both responsive and portable.
Please carry it with you, turn it over, and write it in a row. Like sketching your daily life.

The bookbinding method is called "PUR bookbinding", which is a type of perfect binding that does not use threads or wires. By using a special glue, it is easy to open and has a durable finish. It is also used in dictionaries and reference books that require durability.

The text uses original paper that is comfortable to write and does not easily strike through or bleed. Also suitable for fountain pens and water-based pens."

  • Contents / B6 160 pages No rule (MD paper cream)
  • Weight / Body: 170g
  • Size / H182 × W128 × D9mm
  • Country of origin / Japan

translated from Japanese
information and images from touch & flow

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