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The one-day-per-page A5-size techo was created in response to customer requests for more space to fill with writing and clippings and is designed to be paired with the A5 cover of your choice. The Cousin is perfect for collecting a great deal of information into a single book, using as a school notebook or parenting diary, or simply writing in larger letters. The larger size means this book is ideal for leaving in a single place at work or at home. The Cousin also has an exclusive section: the popular “Weekly Pages” tracks a week in each two-page spread for easy planning.

The book layout is the same as the Japanese edition, as it also contains a page per day, a yearly calendar, monthly calendar, yearly index, and the handy weekly diary where you can view a week at a glance to track your upcoming schedule. In anticipation of the English edition being used in various countries around the world, the calendars do not list holidays.

The front of the planner book is made of strong card stock with a soft ivory hue, and includes the label “HOBONICHI TECHO 2022 cousin” printed in gray letters. The April-start version also lists the label “spring.”

About the English-version Cousin
The name “HOBONICHI TECHO 2023 cousin” is printed in yellow letters.
The Cousin is the largest planner in the Hobonichi Techo lineup. At 148 mm x 210 mm (5.8" x 8.3"), the A5 size is twice the size of its A6 Original counterpart, so there’s plenty of room to use the Cousin for both business and pleasure.
Special stitch-binding allows the planner to lay completely flat without having to hold it down.
The page corners are rounded to minimize creasing and damage to the edges when carried around or stored in a bag.
Serial numbers on the inside back cover give each planner a unique identity and make your planner your very own special book.
The weekly page is a special section only available in the Cousin edition. It contains one week per two-page spread, with 24-hour timetables labeled 0:00 to 24:00.
About the English-version Cousin:
The English-version Cousin does not include the seasonal compendium on the "Remember This" page.
The bonus pages are as follows:
- Timetable
- Graph paper
- My 100
- My Favorite Things
- How to Better Enjoy Conversation
- Words to Remember
- 365 Days Check-Off Sheet
- Gifts
- Addresses (for 8 people)
- Personal Notes
New in 2023:
- The "Remember This" pages and bonus pages have been updated.

Sections added in the 2023 edition
- My Favorite Things
- How to Better Enjoy Conversation
- Enjoy Learning at the Hobonichi School

Sections removed since 2022 edition
- Hobonichi Techo Usage Ideas
- Stretches for Deep Sleep and Waking Up
- Common Snacks around the World

- National holidays are subject to change due to law revisions.
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