Hobonichi Techo 2023 Eri Shimatsuka: Hedelmapuu A5

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*includes hobonichi techo 2023 A5 english cousin book

This cover features a design by the textile designer and illustrator Eri Shimatsuka, who lives in Finland.

Her designs evoke the warm, gentle view toward nature that comes from spending everyday life amid Finland’s lush greenery. Hedelmäpuu is Finnish for “fruit tree,” and a fruit tree filled with fruits and nuts is the centerpiece of this design.

The first thing that pops out on this design is the cute array of fruits in green, pink, and orange. The grapes and small tree nuts are also so filled out that they seem like they could fall off the tree at any moment. The effect is fun and lively, creating a cover that exudes the feeling of the life force of trees.

The illustration is printed on a canvas fabric whose natural coloring evokes the gentleness of nature.

This design’s details, such as the leaves painted in two different shades of green and the grapes with spots of light and shade, give it a deeply expressive look.

The pocket on the back of the cover also has illustrations of green and pink fruit.

The bookmarks are brown like the trunk of a tree, and the round light-pink and green charms are reminiscent of tree nuts.

We hope your days are lively and fun when you spend them with this cover, infused with the loveliness and freshness of fruits and nuts.

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