Hobonichi Techo 2023 Have a Nice Day! (Blueberry) A5

Article number: Have a Nice Day! (Blueberry) A5
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*includes hobonichi techo 2023 A5 english cousin book

This techo cover is designed to offer users a simplified and polished cover for their book. The cover excludes standards from our usual covers, including the pockets and butterfly stoppers, and instead prioritizes being compact and portable. The cover material is made with faux leather for easy use.

The cover features a deep blue reminiscent of blueberries and has been foil-pressed in silver with the phrase “HAVE A NICE DAY!”

Simple is good, but spending your daily life with something like this means it’s good to give it an aspect of a good-luck charm, so we’ve added a modest little message on the cover as a pick-me-up.

Because the cover lacks butterfly stoppers, which usually hold the cover shut, it instead has an elastic band designed to keep the cover shut. It also includes a hook that can hold a pen by its clip.

There’s also a short message in the spot where you insert the cover of your techo book, so we welcome you to take a look.

This cover includes the wish “HAVE A NICE DAY!” which is directly not only at you when using the techo, but also those around you who spot the earnest message. Every time you see it, we hope it will serve you in all scenarios, whether it be feeling a little more positive, or getting the strength to buckle down on something. We recommend this cover for anyone who wants to cherish each and every day.

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