Heirloom Wax Seal Fleur De Lis

Article number: Heirloom Wax Seal-Fleur De Lis
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With the 'Heirloom' we aim to restore the old world charm of written correspondence, one wax seal at a time. The stamp itself is machined from a single billet of brass. Standing at just over 2 inches tall, it hides its solid build under the guise of a deceptively petite silhouette.

The concept for this stamp was inspired by the post-war era. Everything from the verbosely worded packaging to the iconic shape was resurrected from an age when Wax Seals were made to last a lifetime whilst also having a tendency to fit inside your jacket pocket.

As with all natural brass it will age over time, leaving an exceedingly characteristic patina. This organic transformation is intentional and is designed to enhance the appearance of the Heirloom's charming character.

Diameter: 22mm

includes gift box and gold sealing wax stick

Words and images from Stamptitude website.

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