Hobonichi Techo Cousin Avec Books A5 Japanese 2023

Article number: [JPN] Cousin Avec Books 2023
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*the Hobonichi Techo A5 cousin avec is available in Japanese only

The one-day-per-page A5-size techo was created in response to customer requests for more space to fill with writing and clippings and is designed to be paired with the A5 cover of your choice. The Cousin is perfect for collecting a great deal of information into a single book, using as a school notebook or parenting diary, or simply writing in larger letters. The larger size means this book is ideal for leaving in a single place at work or at home. The Cousin also has an exclusive section: the popular “Weekly Pages” tracks a week in each two-page spread for easy planning.

The Cousin Avec features the same size and page design split into a two-book set, each one covering six months. The lighter weight of each book makes the Avec perfect for users who want to comfortably carry around their books, or who’d like to paste lots of items into their book without adding too much bulk.

The Avec, which means “together” in French, contains a January-June book and a July-December book. These books are ideal for filling to the brim with contents, as the slim size gives users a great head start on keeping the book at a manageable thickness. The light weight also makes it comfortable for carrying around.

The covers are matched with a color scheme of lime yellow and ice blue. The spine tape is a reddish-brown to give the color scheme a unique look.

The Avec contains 288 pages, making its carefully-balanced weight and thickness just over half of the 544-page full version.

The page design, calendars, and bonus pages in the Avec are the same as the full version.

Book 1 and Book 2 of the Avec both include the same extra pages in the back and only vary in the number of pages included. So if you’re tracking anything on a graph, for example, it’s easy to continue that same pattern in the next book.

The Avec fits neatly into the standard Hobonichi Techo covers. It also leaves plenty of room to couple it with your favorite notebook if you fit only one side of the Avec book cover into place.

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