Hobonichi Techo 2023 Juzo Itami: mon oncle Weeks

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*this hobonichi techo weeks 2023 is the english-version

This Weeks book features an illustration by Juzo Itami, a genius who exhibited a broad variety of talents across a range of fields such as being a commercial designer, actor, essayist, television presenter, magazine editor-in-chief and film director.

The name mon oncle is French for “my uncle.” This is the name of a magazine Itami was the editor-in-chief for, and the phrase meant a lot to him.

The illustrations on the mon oncle Weeks cover include a bird-shaped lemon press, a phonograph, and a collection of boots—all precious belongings of Itami. They all appeared as illustrations in his 1965 essay “Diary of Boredom in Europe.”

The number ’23 foil-pressed on the cover and book spine were both written by Itami for the sake of a complete collection of books by his father, Mansaku Itami, who was also active in a wide range of fields such as movie direction, screenwriting, and essays. This sharp and beautiful font, named Itami Mincho, serves as a nice accent for the techo.

The cover has been constructed as a light, hardcover book with some give to it so it still bends. The material of the cover is off-white and the texture of a paint canvas. The back of the cover has an illustration from Itami’s essay “The Proper Way to Eat Spaghetti.”

The design’s limitation of color gives it an elegant and chic look that makes it well-suited for both work and personal use.

This Weeks book will fill your year with curiosity and fun, much like the way Itami had deep insight as a hobbyist across various areas such as being a music aficionado, cat lover, vehicle enthusiast and culinary connoisseur.

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