Kaweco Sport Mechanical Pencil - Black 0.7mm

Article number: K Sport Mech Pencil 0.7mm Black
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All black everything - Kaweco's mechanical pencil in black looks good with everything. The color can be combined with various notebooks, papers and other accessories in an elegant and classic way.

In 1911, the Kaweco Sport was created, a pen that still impresses with its design today and has developed into a classic. The series is completed by a mechanical pencil with a line width of 0.7 mm. Its high-quality and precise mechanics come from Japan. It is perfect for sketching ideas and drawing. Due to the pressure mechanism, the mine always remains precise and is therefore ideal for on the go, as you never have to sharpen it. The wide housing protects the lead from becoming brittle.

  • black mechanical pencil
  • 0.7 mm HB lead
  • pencil length: 11 cm
  • made in germany
  • by kaweco


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