The Superior Labor Natural Leather Cordovan Coin Pocket

Article number: Natural Leather Coin Pocket
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  • A coin case that combines an elegant finish that matches the cordovan with a shape that is easy to fit into casual wear.
  • With a wide gusset, the contents are easy to see and easy to take out.
  • Uses Shinki leather oil cordovan.
    It is diamond leather, which has beautiful unique transparency, luster, and depth of color.
    * Domestic leather is used for the interior.
  • L9.5cm x H7.5cm
  • materials: horse leather, cow leather interior

*The leather used is natural leather. The process does not use scratches that lead to tearing, but the scratches and wrinkles that are originally on the leather are used in the product as a characteristic of the material. In addition, there are individual differences in color, thickness, and texture even with the same leather.

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