A6 Noboru Makizuka: Umikoto Hobonichi Techo 2021

Article number: Noboru Makizuka: Umikoto A6
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Iron artist Noboru Makizuka created the ship and lighthouse brooches pictured on this techo cover, which has a theme of “sea travel.” We want the cover design to fill users with a sense of adventure, ready to explore the great unknown in their own lives.

Part of Makizuka’s UMIKOTO series, the ships and lighthouses shown through these brooches exist in real life, and are used to this day across the seas of Japan.

The blue base color is modeled after the ocean, but look closely and you’ll see the subtle markings of the iron that was photographed to make it. Inside the outer pocket on the back of the cover, you’ll find something special just for owners of this cover!

The pockets inside the cover have silhouettes of anchors and the UMIKOTO name printed with silkscreen.

The pen-holders line up to show marine-style stripes when the cover is closed.

includes hobonichi techo planner

information and images from hobonichi website

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