Hobonichi Techo 2023 ONE PIECE Straw Hat Luffy Blue A5

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In the smash-hit manga One Piece, Straw Hat Luffy goes on an adventure with his friends in search of “the One Piece,” a legendary treasure. ONE PIECE magazine dives into the charms of the hit manga series—which has been serialized in Shonen Jump for the past 25 years and is beloved all over the world—in order to help fans further enjoy the world of One Piece. This year, we have a special collaboration with ONE PIECE magazine.

The techo cover design includes a bright blue background and an illustration of Luffy standing triumphantly, created specially by series author Eiichiro Oda for ONE PIECE magazine. The cover uses a silkscreen print method to keep the colors vibrant. The butterfly stoppers are black, and the back of the cover is wrapped with the pirate flag that Luffy is holding in his left hand.

The cover interior is a deep shade of pale yellow—the color of straw. The right-hand pocket is silkscreen-printed with Eiichiro Oda’s rough sketch of Luffy in white on a black background. This image is from the thousandth chapter of the series as printed in Volume 13 of ONE PIECE magazine.

The left-hand pocket features a special collaboration logo for ONE PIECE magazine and the Hobonichi Techo.

The bookmarks are red strings with white charms. The spine of the cover is black to recreate the look of ONE PIECE magazine’s book spine.

Peek into the outer back pocket and you’ll see a quote from the series printed inside.

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