our green approach

We have always been attracted to the benefits and practicality of recycling. In fact, our business has its roots in taking unwanted paper products, converting them back into pulp, and making it into fresh, new paper.

Over twenty years after our craft beginnings, we are still making paper and following recycling principals. Our fiber source is now 100% cotton, acid-free, and recovered from the garment industry. We supply a machine-made envelope option with our printed work that is made from 100% post consumer waste, are proud supporters of wind energy, and use this sustainable power option to run our business.

Our concerns for conservation affect everything we do, including our design process. To reduce waste, we've provided a line of wedding invitations with a single envelope and RSVP postcard. Our digital design department provides several environmentally friendly paper options, and prints using solid ink technology, which generates approximately 90% less waste than typical color printers. We use soy inks, citrus solvents, and antique presses that will likely outlive us all!

This business was founded on practicing a green approach, thank you for supporting our enthusiasm for conservation and recycling