Pamm: Generous Interior Techo A5 Hobonichi Techo [COVER ONLY]

Article number: Pamm: Generous Interior Techo A5 [COVER ONLY]
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This techo cover was created with PAMM, who focuses on the idea of “Wear my thought.” The brand features attractive pajama sets designed to be worn during the time when you are truly all to yourself: in your dreams.

The design is based on the “generous interior pajamas” actually sold at PAMM.

The cover’s cream-colored cotton material is given a pop-art look with green, black, and silver shapes drawn organically around the design. The green and matte black sections are silkscreen printed, while the silver and shiny black sections are foil-printed, giving the cover an elaborate design.

The cover interior is made with faux leather to contrast the cover exterior. The pockets are also printed with shapes so the design is fun on the inside and out.

There are two bookmarks, one straight one and one wavy one, which add to the look of the techo even when they’re tucked into pages.

The inner left pocket includes the PAMM logo.

The butterfly stopper pen holders come in two colors, one beige and one black.

Even the names and descriptions of PAMM pajamas share the brand’s unique worldview. Here’s an excerpt from their description about the “Generous Interior Pajamas,” which this techo cover is based on.

This arrangement of shapes looks like a sofa set or partition you'd see dividing a room. That's right—I made this design while thinking about an old friend's home interior decorating.

The room where everyone gathered together had a peculiarly relaxing mood to it, with a mismatched collection of interior items that included things that had randomly been found. But I think all those people were able to gather and spend their time freely in that space because of the homeowner's sense and consideration for others.

Distorted lines also contributed to that relaxing mood. The term generous here refers to a generosity that is stylish without showing off, and even goes so far as to consider contingencies.

Please read the column for more information on the meaning behind it.

You may find yourself feeling generous over the next year with this techo by your side.

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