Sailor Pro Gear Nebula Fountain Pen

Article number: S Pro Gear FP Nebula Broad
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Discovered 10 years ago and about 1,000 light-years away within our Milky Way, the Wreath Nebula is a giant cloud of gas and dust visible in the night sky as a distant bright blue-green patch. For years it has intrigued humanity with countless questions of its origin.

The Wreath Nebula is known to exist in a space between stars and believed to be both the start and end point of stellar evolution. Either gas/dust forming as new stars are born or thrown out by the explosion of a dying star. Truly a sight to behold.

Such is Sailor’s next model in their Universe series – The Sailor Professional Gear Slim Blue Green Nebula. A beautiful sparkle infused Transparent Blue Green Fountain Pen that inspires one to constantly gaze upon the night sky for inspiration.

nib: 14k gold

ink: cartridge or converter

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