A6 Shaun Tan Arrival Hobonichi Techo 2021

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Children's book author Shaun Tan's work draws you in with warming, delicate drawings where reality and fantasy coexists. This techo cover features one of his most renowned works, Arrival (published in 2006).

Arrival is a graphic novel about migration that took Tan five years to create. Totally wordless, each page pulls readers further and further into its world.

The illustration of this cover is of the town where the protagonist arrives, and is one of the most iconic scenes in Arrival. The scenery seems fantasy-esque but exudes a nostaligic feel the same time. As you spend your time to carefully observe the detailed drawing, you may feel as if you're building up your own story in your mind, even if you have never read the book before.

Find the cute, interesting creature that appears in the story on the cover interior.

The pen holders are also illustrated.

Blending the extraordinary with a planner, an item you use everyday. Carrying a different world with you. This might be the trigger to spread your wings of imagination. This cover is perfect for those about to step into a new world.

includes hobonichi techo planner

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