Terada Mokei 1/100 Model Grape Picking

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Article number: Terada Mokei 1/100 Grape Picking
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Autumn - the season of harvesting and feasting. And what better to harvest and feast on than grapes? Nothing beats the sweet juiciness of fresh picked grapes. I remember when I was a child during grape picking season. Back then, all I cared about was collecting cicada skins.
The simple modeling which omits fine details is highly versatile and accentuates the sense of.

Grape trellis, grape vines, grapes, crates, pruning shears, etc.


Terada-Mokei was established with a view to exploring the potential for modeling, which is created by scaling things down and giving them detail, through models. This reflects our belief that when real items are replaced with models, the latter have an essence of reality, stuffed with dreams, and the potential to become more vibrant -- better word in my opinion than their originals. We also consider it important to enjoy the process of assembling models.
Terada-Mokei also hopes to convey the fun of assembling models and imagining the same.

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