Plastic Sheet 2021 Passport

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This convenient Passport Size Plastic Sheet will let you write standing up, or you can use it as a bookmark. The front features a design based on masterpieces of literature’ motifs, while the back is a grid ruled for use when drawing straight lines. This design is limited to 2021.

Back: Grid of 5mm sections, serves as a 20cm-long scale,
made of polypropylene
H 4.7" x W 3.5" x D 0.04"

The 2021 DIARY collection features a design with a theme of “Books”. With books and a notebook, you can travel anywhere at any time. Even if you’re stuck at home, in your mind you can travel to all those places you dream of exploring. Just pick up a book or a notebook. As you read a book, page by page, the story takes you on a journey—all you need to bring is your imagination. And each blank page of a notebook is a place to look back on journeys past and think about where the future might take you. With a notebook, a pen and your imagination, you can travel freely through space and time. So keep your books and your notebook close by. A time when it’s difficult to travel is a time when you need them most. Your journey into 2021 will start soon.

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