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"This diary alternates between monthly blocks and memo pages spread out. The monthly block type like a calendar that gives a bird's-eye view of one month is one square per day, which is really simple. The leftmost vertical axis shows important matters within the month. The spread memo page is inserted every month, so it is very convenient to manage the schedule and back to back. There is also an annual schedule page at the beginning. Uses original paper that is comfortable to write on. 64 pages. While managing the month, I sometimes look over the year. Also, write to-dos and ideas firmly. A light and thin diary with a memo page.

Adopted a monthly block format of 1 square per day. The vertical axis calendar on the left is important items, and the bottom is a memo or to-do space. In addition, it has an icon that shows the moon's peaks and turns. The text (honmon) uses original paper that is comfortable to write and does not easily strike through or bleed. Also suitable for fountain pens and water-based pens."

Personal Note / Annual Calendar → Annual Schedule → Monthly Block Page → Monthly Memo → End Memo → Address

A bookbinding with a foil-stamped "today" on the cover and matching golden stitches (wires). With only 64 pages, it's a diary that feels like a thin notebook.

Foil stamping is applied to the cover, which is comfortable to the touch and warm.

  • Contents / B6 slim size 64 pages Monthly block (December 2020-December 2021) Annual calendar, annual schedule, monthly schedule, monthly memo, end memo, address list
  • Size / H182 × W120 × D5mm
  • Weight / body : 68g
  • Country of origin / Japan

translated from japanese
information and images from touch & flow

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