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This Weeks book features an intricately drawn illustration of a jourou hototogisu, or toad lily, created by the botanist Tomitaro Makino in 1888.

The toad lily’s yellow flowers are set off by vibrant green leaves. The name jourou means “lady of the palace,” a striking metaphor for the flowers’ elegant beauty. Makino discovered the flower in 1887 and later colored a printed version of the original illustration. This diagram comes from the very beginning of his book Illustrations of the Flora of Japan.

About 130 years ago the scientific community, using magnifying lenses and microscopes, began to construct diagrams of the toad lily. Professor Makino faithfully illustrated all the details of the flower, like its spots and the structure of its leaves. His illustration also lays out its various parts in detail, all of which were drawn while carefully referencing the real thing.

The rough fabric of the book cover is modeled after canvas, and the vintage botanical illustration makes this book a joy to have in your daily life.

The cover has been constructed as a light hardcover book with some give to it so it still bends.

information and images from hobonichi website

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