Visconti Medici Astral Stellar Red Fountain Pen

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Visconti is excited to announce the launch of the new ‘Medici Astral’ collection, Visconti’s first ever collaboration with a US resin manufacturer. Two spectacular resins, each made in the USA, are hand turned at Visconti’s Florentine factory into the shape of their iconic ‘Medici’ model. To celebrate this new collaboration, and for the first time, Visconti have added their patented double reservoir power filling system, complete with ink window to the Medici.

As a tribute to one of the greatest dynasties in Italian history, Visconti designed the ‘Medici’. The family was a noble house that stood out for their political, financial, and cultural influence on the city of Florence. Most of all, the Medici family was known for their passionate contributions to the development of Humanism and the Italian Renaissance. The body of Visconti’s ‘Medici Astral’ features an eight-sided facet design, modeled after the Florentine baptistery, a religious place and symbol of the city's glorious past. 

The ‘Medici Astral’ is offered in two unique resins:
  • Nova Blue with black ruthenium trim
  • Stellar Red with silver trim
Both resins were selected for their deep color saturation and are dusted with silver flecks to give a unique and mystifying luminescence.
Each pen features the Visconti in- house 18kt gold nib and is presented in a luxury gift box.
Fountain Nib: 18kt ruthenium: EF, F, M, B, S
Filling System: Double-Reservoir Power Filler
Material: Blue resin, made in the USA
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