Visconti Pentagon Fountain Pen - Blue - Fine

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The new Visconti Pentagon fountain pen features a dark blue five-sided faceted resin body, palladium trim, magnetic cap closure, standard international cartridge/converter fill, and a steel nib.

From Visconti:

A bet, or better a challenge: this is in brief the birth of the new Visconti Pentagon pen. A reference to the clean but imposing and solid surfaces of Empire-style furniture, without inlays but enriched by the presence of clear metallic decorations, combined to the formal values from which one of the most iconic lines of Visconti production is born, the Divina collection.

  • The Golden Number: the proportion between the length of the cap and the body tends to the divine proportion, maintaining that percentage of imprecision which is proper of human nature.
  • The Pentagram: the pentagonal section, which characterizes the pen itself, converges into the pure shape of circumference at both ends.
  • The Nautilus or "Spirale d'oro": according to the Fibonacci formula, spiral is here developed and spread in a harmonious movement which fades to the circles of tops of the cap and the blind cap.

These elements merge, like for Divina, in an alchemy of shapes and proportions, in a pen that can be defined elegant but static, powerful: its antiquity, like the one of the Roman and Greek temples, is timeless, so deeply hidden today in our culture that it can be confused with humanity itself.

The pentagon, which the pen is built on, contributes to define it as a solid, delimited object, capable of a static equilibrium: this let the pen balance on a plane without rolling also without the cap (uniquely within the current collection).

At the same time, the clip determines an orientation, a directionality in its static symmetry, favoring one of the five sides over others and thus introducing a hidden dynamism: if rotated on its longitudinal axis, the Pentagon changes continuously, looking unusually asymmetric.

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