our templates

we produce work by antique letterpress, a historic method of printing that uses raised type and images. the text and images are made into plates which are literally “pressed” into the paper, leaving a distinctive and elegant impression in the surface of each piece. during printing, paper is hand fed one sheet at a time into cast iron platen presses. some of the presses in our letterpress studio date back over 100 years! our process begins with original templates that we carefully tailor to your occasion. for each order, our team designs and typesets, creates individual plates on location, prints with soy based inks or hot foil, and finishes every piece by hand - the end result is stunning.


our team is excited to work with you whether you have your own design idea, or are choosing from one of our templates. keep in mind that each component of our templates can be customized - paper type, ink colors, typeface, layout, etc. we pride ourselves on personal service and attention to detail, and look forward to helping make your vision a reality.

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