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Not only can you put it on a book, but you can also use it as a notebook, box, or file. This is mine! To what you want to insist. Illustrations with a slightly mysterious atmosphere will be a landmark or accent. Please note that once it is applied, it will not come off. Write your name and signature and stick it on the back of the book or on the door. I'm sure you will be attached to it. Please use it for things other than books, such as boxes and clear files. It's like your own label. You can also use it as a gift wrapping label.

Birdhouse. Bird house, bird cage, bird's nest. Looking at it in this way, what a simple and beautiful bird's nest that the parent bird lovingly created.

  • 10 pieces included of different designs.
  • 10 cm x 6 xm
  • An attachment package made of light gray cardboard.
  • Japanese

information translated from Touch & Flow


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