Sailor Pro Gear Slim Shikiori Sansui Komakusa Fountain Pen Medium Fine

Article number: S Pro Gear Slim Shikiori Sansui FP Komakusa MF
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Shikiori Sansui is a collection of writing instruments that evoke the essence of Japan's diverse and breathtaking seasons. The name "SANSUI" itself pays homage to the great vitality of flora and fauna, which tenaciously thrive in the wild. This collection includes fountain pens with 14K gold nibs and ballpoint pens.

Summer - "Komakusa": Dicentra, known as the "bleeding heart" and the queen of alpine flora, thrives gloriously in the challenging summer mountain climate, serving as the muse for this pen.

  • Fountain pens are in the Pro Gear Slim size, with contrasting colors between the cap/barrel and the gripping section.
  • IP Gold plated trim with Solid 14K Gold Nib in MF
  • MSRP: $295.00
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