Sailor Pro Gear Slim Wagashi Kohakuto Fountain Pen with Ink

Article number: S Pro Gear Slim Wagashi FP/ink set Kohakuto MF
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This collection is inspired by the rich tradition of Wagashi, the traditional Japanese sweets, and encapsulates the essence of Japan's cultural and culinary heritage.

Each pen in this series is modeled after the Sailor Pro Gear Slim design, featuring solid 14k gold nibs.

The "Wagashi Japanese Sweets" series includes 5 new pen designs:

  • Sakuramochi -- Inspired by mochi wrapped in a salted Sakura leaf.
  • Nerikiri -- Reflects the artistic blend of shiro-an (white bean paste) and gyuhi (rice flour).
  • Kohakuto -- Resembles the jewel-like shine of semi-dried Agar Jelly.
  • Manju -- Based on the beloved steamed bun filled with red bean jam.
  • Tsukimi Dango -- Evokes the tradition of enjoying round rice dumplings under the moonlight.

Enhancing this offering, each pen comes with a 20ml bottle of Sailor Shikiori ink. These are existing Shikiori ink colors, perfectly paired to match the themes of each Wagashi-inspired pen. Each set is presented in a beautifully designed gift box that is one of the actual boxes used for Japanese sweets, to make this series even more special!

  • Available in Professional Gear Slim Size
  • Solid 14K Gold Nib
  • Comes in a set with matching 20ml bottle of Shikiori Ink
    • Sakuramochi – Shikiori Miruai
    • Nerikiri – Shikiori Okuyama
    • Kohakuto – Shikiori Souten
    • Manju – Shikiori Doyou
    • Tsukimi Dango – Shikiori Yonaga
  • Limited Edition
  • MSRP $ 295.00
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