Sailor Pro Gear Slim Mint & Sugar Ballpoint 0.5mm

Article number: S Pro GearSlim BP Mint & Sugar 0.5mm
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The third collection of the “Teatime Around the World” series is Moroccan Mint Tea. In Morocco, mint tea is an integral part of daily life. It is prepared respecting the ritual, steeping green tea and mint in a teapot and sweetening it with sugar. It is also a symbol of Moroccan hospitality. When entertaining guests, the tea is prepared in a traditional metal teapot called “berad” and served in “kissan” glasses adorned with beautifully exotic patterns.

This color is inspired by the fresh and aromatic spearmint and delightfully sweet sugar used in preparing Moroccan mint tea. Traditionally, the sugar used is cone-shaped lump sugar that is crushed before being put into the tea. This is also a part of the Moroccan tea ceremony ritual.

  • Material: PMMA resin
  • gold plated trim
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