Visconti QWERTY Limited Edition Rollerball

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Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Visconti is delighted to present their latest limited edition collection, 'QWERTY'. A pen inspired by the alphanumeric keyboard patented in 1864 by Christopher Sholes. With this pen, Visconti pays homage to a timeless system, born with typewriters, but still present today in everyday life.

Sholes designed his keyboard with the key objective to help people type faster. His solution was to separate commonly used letter pairings, such as "ST," to avoid ‘typewriter jams’, effectively allowing the typist to type faster, rather than slower.

Sholes named his keyboard 'Qwerty', which spells out the first six 'letter' keys of his iconic keyboard system.

The Qwerty collection features:

  • A black acrylic body encased by an engraved, aged sterling silver overlay adorned with detailing in enamel.
  • The pens center band is engraved in Visconti's workshop then enameled with 'Qwerty' in both upper and lower case.
  • The pressure fit clip is embellished with an element that recalls a traditional typewriter key.
  • The sterling silver overlay is engraved on three different levels with a special technique which gives the writing instrument a three-dimensional effect.
  • The fountain pen features Visconti's 18kt gold nib with a ruthenium finish.
  • The edition is limited to 388 pieces worldwide.

Visconti was inspired by the first Remington typewriters when crafting the limited edition Qwerty box. The lower section, where the writing instrument is stored, has a magnetic closure system and a glass window that allows a glimpse of the pen. The lid is embellished with aged-silver and ivory enameled keys that make up the word Qwerty. The case also showcases an aged-silver plaque with the Visconti logo, reminiscent of typewriter strikers.

The Qwerty fountain pen and rollerball are available for pre-order now!

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