Letterpress Express Subscriptions

  • a monthly collection of letterpress printed cards delivered right to your door!
  • available as a monthly continual subscription or 3-month fixed subscription plan. select your subscription plan below:


  • your monthly package will feature 4 unique letterpress printed cards + envelopes, plus 4 forever stamps.
  • each collection will feature an array of cards including originals from oblation papers & press, hat+wig+glove company, other popular brands, and cards made by independent artists.
  • sign up by the last day of the month. your order will ship at the beginning of the following month.



  • letterpress express makes a great gift for a good friend, family member, pen pal, or even yourself. you'll always have the perfect card on hand for any special occasion!
  • please enter the name and shipping address of the gift recipient in the address field at checkout and feel free to write a gift message in the notes section!
Letterpress Express Monthly Subscription
Letterpress Express 3-Month Subscription

“I am always so excited to get the new packet every month!”
- Jessica, California


“I love my letterpress club membership! Thanks for brightening my day,

and the days of everyone to whom I send these beautiful cards!”
- Anna, Washington


“Just got my first group of cards and am in love with this subscription!!!

The stamp to mail them make it even more perfect! Looking forward to enjoying this subscription for a long time!”
- Jamie, California


“You are exposing a whole world of beautiful art and creative designs and making it fun for people

to connect with others through the simple act of writing a note on a card. So, thank you!”
- Spencer, Portland


“Letterpress Express is a joy to look forward to each month.

Thank you again for such wonderful cards to share.”
- Melanie, Oregon


“I’ve been enjoying LPXP. A nice bonus in how pretty the cards are packaged.

So not only do I get to send nice cards, I get a beautiful package for myself every month.”
- Tim, North Carolina


“I thoroughly enjoy this monthly subscription.

Thank you for brightening my days with your subscription.”
- Sandy, California


“I received my letterpress subscription packet yesterday and it is a masterpiece in total!

I love each piece of it, and the careful wrapping too. A very special treat indeed.”
- Toby, California


"letterpress express really has solved one of my perennial problems. there are a few cards

i can't quite find a person for, but so many have arrived "just in time" for the perfect occasion!"

-thomaida, portland



If you would like to pause, edit, or cancel your subscription, please email us at [email protected]
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