oblation resource library: scissors

oblation resource library: scissors

scissors: explore the shapes, materials, and designs offered by oblation papers & press, portland, oregon.

oblation papers & press carries a revolving selection of fine scissors for paper, fabric, and ribbon.

these can add a useful component to your workspace, or become a thoughtful gift for a maker in your life.


scissors are typically made of three types of blade finishes:

1. uncoated stainless steel (basic)

2. fluorine coated (prevents sticky residue)

3. titanium (3x durability, good for paper, fabric, and even cardboard)


scissors are available in two predominant blade shapes:

1. straight (basic)

2. curved (cuts and slices at the same time, requires less force)

do not use fabric scissors for paper because various clays, and/or calcium carbonate, are a component of many papers, including cardboard. they are there to make the paper stiff. these minerals are abrasive and dull the scissors.


studio carta: wrapped in a smart, letterpress package, studio carta scissors are available in tempered steel, gold-plated in stunning 24 karat, with innovative designs including roosters, cranes, hares, and eiffel towers. made in italy.

hikigiri scissors: curved blade ‘pulls and cuts’ at same time. hikigiri means “pulling cut” in japanese. these scissors are designed for artists, and are non-stick titanium coated, meant to be used for paper.

pinking shears: these zigzag blades prevent fraying in woven cloth, and may also be used for decorative craft projects.


come explore our selection of artisan scissors, and elevate the daily tasks in your life.

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