Pepin Flowers Correspondence Set

Article number: Pepin Flowers Correspondence Set
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This first series of PEPIN Correspondence Sets is manufactured in The Netherlands using only European FSC-certified materials. 

Each box contains 10 sheets of 4 different designs (printed on one side), making up 40 sheets of A5 writing paper (150x210mm/6”x8¼”). Included are 20 matching envelopes (10 x 2 designs), 8 greeting cards (2 x 4  designs) and 30 assorted stickers and labels.


Flowers are generally considered to be visually appealing and throughout history artists have drawn and painted them. Furthermore, reproductions of flowers were an important part of larger scientific studies of nature in general. 

Taken from historical horticultural albums, the charming flower images in this set were originally made using two printing techniques: engraving and chromolithography.

Widely used in the 15th-18th centuries engraving allowed for very sharp impression and especially fine details, which were often coloured by hand resulting in completely unique images.

The 19th century brought the invention and refinement of chromolithography which facilitated high-quality, vibrant colour reproductions. This remained the principal colour printing technique until the 1930s.

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