balancing the digital and physical

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balancing the digital and physical

as a stationery store and letterpress, we're naturally inclined toward the physical world. We'll take paper and ink over email and emojis any day! nevertheless, digital communication and consumption are unavoidable aspects of daily life. we recently read an exploration about the "technology food pyramid" which aims to do the same thing for screen time as the usda did for food.

dr. doreen dodgen-magee is a an internationally recognized technology & psychological health expert & author who created the concept of a technology food pyramid. she encourages all of us to think critically about the kinds of digital media we spend our time on, and stresses the importance of technology that connects, rather than just entertains.


"Just as with the food pyramid, the quality of what we ingest has almost as much to do with the content of what we ingest."


you can read dodgen-magee's full article here.


how do you balance your digital life with your physical one? what apps have you found that inspire and connect, rather than simply distract? 

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