Local Oregon Makers: PushMePullYou Press

Local Oregon Makers: PushMePullYou Press

During the month of July, we are delighted to feature our favorite local Oregon Makers. PushMePullYou Press provides us with nature-inspired lino carvings that are letterpress printed into greeting cards. We asked Michael a few questions about his work:



What is the inspiration for your art? How did you get started?
My wife, Joy, is an avid gardener and our garden is rich with blooms year round, so that is a big visual stimulation for my linocuts. I’m also attracted to the many birds who visit the garden. Those are the most important inspirations for my art. I also love the crafts of letterpress printing and linoleum carving. It is a challenge to depict objects with linocuts, requiring analysis and judgement, and carving in a simple but unforgiving material.
How did quarantine/ the pandemic impact your art and business?
The pandemic/quarantine had a big impact on my business. People were not shopping in the stores that sold my cards, but there has been an increase in online sales through Etsy and Oblation. The decrease in sales gave me time to embark on some bigger, more time consuming projects, and to get my shop organized.
3. What is your favorite thing about being an artist in the pacific northwest?
I have lived in Oregon all my life, and one thing I appreciate is that we have four distinct seasons which have their own particular flavors.

You can find his cards in our store, or on our site here.


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