oblation resource library: diamine ink

oblation resource library: diamine ink

diamine inks exhibit shimmer and sheen, the registrar's ink, made from iron gall, is loved for its water resistant qualities.

Diamine Ink

Diamine has been making ink since 1864 and is one of the last remaining manufacturers in the UK.  In 1925 the company created a state-of-the-art production facility in Liverpool. They have worked to maintain the original formulas, only adjusting to accommodate modern legislation.

Diamine ink is a water-based ink perfect for any brand of fountain pen. It is completely non-toxic, vegan friendly, and offers probably the widest range of quality fountain pen ink colours in the world - in both traditional and contemporary shades. Diamine is known for its vivid colors and selection of shimmer inks.


Royal Blue: Used in 2010 for President Obama to sign the nuclear arms treaty

Shimmer - Fountain pen ink that has small metallic particles

Sheen - Characteristic of a fountain pen ink where when ink pools another color can be seen on top of the ink, especially when looked at in different light angles using certain paper types.


Regular fountain pen inks

150th Anniversary Inks - triangle bottle 40ml

Guitar inks

Blue Edition - originates from the Invent Calendar in 2019


This special Registrar's Ink has long been used by registrars and clergy for filling out official documents due to its strong water and fade resistance. It is an iron gall ink, a very old form of ink made from iron salts and tannic acid. The ink is light blue when wet, but as it dries the iron in the ink quickly oxidizes and turns the ink to a dark blue-gray black.



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