Oblique Hand-Turned Nib Holder

Article number: Hand Turned Oblique Pen Holder
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beautiful and one-of-a-kind, this nib holder was hand-turned by professional calligrapher david grimes.

this wooden nib-holder is a perfect gift for calligraphy and hand lettering enthusiasts, or anyone wanting to explore or expand their pen and ink collection.


  • one hand-turned wooden nib holder and calligraphy nib
  • soft leather case with leather tie.

made in portland, oregon.

a note from the maker:

"when i first began studying penmanship, one of my close friends sent me a box with some samples of her writing, a number of photocopies from a historical calligraphy book and an old pen holder that she wasn't using anymore. i remember opening the box and being so excited and touched that someone would go out of their way to help a newcomer like that. the holder stood out to me, especially, because it was one that she had written with and passed on to me. the tools of a craftsman hold artistic memory. i was excited to give that same wood some of my own memories.

over time, i started to notice little details about this pen that i wished were different. it was pretty long, the flange (metal part) wasn't exactly where i wanted it to be while i was writing, and as superficial as it is, i was getting tired of the colors. i had a very good friend named chris yoke who has a lot of experience making pens, so i asked him some questions and ended up getting set up in relatively little time.

turning pens on the lathe is a bit scary if you're not used to working with power tools, but you get used to it fairly quickly. the most intimidating part is that the wood spins toward you quite fast, which is what allows the pens to be made symmetrical. i'd grown up in a woodshop and had taken multiple years of woodshop in high school. regardless of if it's with a pen and ink or a lathe and chisel, i like to keep my hands busy."

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