oblation resource library: waterproof & bulletproof inks

oblation resource library: waterproof & bulletproof inks

waterproof inks are made with micro fine particles offering permanent, deep colors, but potentially clogging fountain pens. iron gall inks will not creep, but also may clog. bullet proof inks resist water, bleach and uv light, and can be rinsed out easily. water resistant inks resist moisture.


Carbon or particle fountain pen inks are made with micro fine particles suspended within the ink. If the particles are too large it can clog the fine passages of the feed and nib.

Common Carbon/Particle Inks

Advantages of carbon/particle inks:

  • Dark, deep color.

Dis-advantages of carbon/particle inks:

  • Higher clogging risk of your fountain pen.


Iron-Gall Inks

Iron gall inks are made from iron salts and tannic acids. The composition of the ink contains corrosive acids although modern iron gall inks have improved.

Common Iron-Gall Inks

Advantages of iron-gall inks:

  • Will not creep.

Dis-advantages of iron-gall inks:

  • May clog your fountain pen. Old school iron-gall inks can be corrosive and damage your fountain pen but modern formulations are milder.
  • Not resistant to bland and UV.

Bulletproof Inks

Noodlers Ink makes a line of what they call "bulletproof inks". They not only are water proof but resist other chemicals such as bleach as well as UV light.

Advantages of Noodlers Bulletproof Inks:

  • Will not damage fountain pens and can be rinsed out easily.


  • Ink may have some creeping.

Ink may sometimes smudge even when dry.

Water Resistant:

Water resistant inks are fountain pen inks that will resist moisture but are not considered waterproof.

Some water resistant fountain pen inks include:

There are a few factors to how well fountain pen inks do with water other than just the ink. The type of paper as well as the length of time will alter how the inks resist moisture.


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